Celebrating Unbounded Mercy

Mission Outline

  Celebrating Unbounded Mercy
During this Precious Blood Parish Mission we celebrate God's unbounded mercy poured out for us in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. We will reflect on what it means for us to be reconciled with ourselves, with others, and with God. During the final celebration we will reflect on the call to be ambassadors of reconciliation in the world today. A team of preachers made up of one priest or brother, one sisters, and one associate member of our communities will share the spirituality of the precious blood with your parish as you listen to the Word of God, celebrate God's unbounded mercy through prayer, ritual and song, share your faith and reflect upon God's call in your lives.

Click here to see the Planning Manual for the Celebrating Unbounded Mercy parish mission.

Celebration I Ė We are Redeemed, Forgiven, Reconciled
The focus of every celebration is Godís unbounded mercy. Today we rejoice because God created each of us good. Too often we see ourselves as fallen, as sinners, as people who do not deserve Godís mercy. While all of us are indeed sinners and undeserving of redemption, nonetheless we have been redeemed, forgiven, our sins washed away in the blood of the Lamb. God sees each of us as redeemed sinners - emphasis on redeemed. God sees us as beloved, redeemed, chosen, forgiven, worth dying for. This is reason to celebrate!

The celebration includes an anointing in which we recall that we are God's anointed ones - beloved and forgiven by God's redeeming grace poured out for us in Christ on the cross.

Celebration II Ė We Recognize and Reverence God in One Another
The focus of the second celebration is Godís unbounded mercy revealed in others. God is present in every one of his creations. The God who has poured out mercy upon us has also poured out mercy on others, on those who have hurt us and on those whom we have hurt, on the stranger, the outcast, those who are different from us.

In this celebration, we are invited to wash one another's feet, as a sign of the mercy Christ has invited us to share with one another.

Celebration III Ė We are Already Reconciled with God
The focus of the third celebration is once again Godís unbounded mercy. We are already reconciled with God in Christ. It is not something we need to do. God has already done it for us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We celebrate the sacrament of penance as part of our celebration - confessing our faith in God's unbounded mercy.

Celebration IV - We are Called to be Ambassadors of Reconciliation
The focus of the fourth celebration is the call to share Godís unbounded mercy with others. We have experienced Godís unbounded mercy. We have seen that mercy at work in others. We are called to share that mercy, too. St. Paul calls us "ambassadors" of reconciliation, and so we are. Jesus reminds us that what we have received as gift we should give as a gift. The Eucharist we share makes us the body of Christ, vessels of his Precious Blood for the world. We are sent to bring the grace of reconciliation to a world that is often broken, to people who experience alienation, to a planet that needs Godís healing.

We are mourished at the table of the Lord with the bread and wine that make us the body of Christ sent to bring God's unbounded mercy to the world.

Special Celebrations for Children
A special liturgy of the Word and activities designed especially for the children of the parish is part of each celebration. One of the preachers ministers with the children as they celebrate and come to understand more deeply God's unbounded mercy in their lives. They are part of the rituals with the rest of the community, too.

Other Options
Preachers are willing to visit classrooms, preach at children's liturgies or schedule a special celebration just for the children of the parish school or religious education program. This might be done to augment or encourage further participation by the children in the Children's Liturgies of the Word mentioned above.

Parishioners who are unable to attend the mission due to age or infirmity are also invited to share in the mission. Prayer booklets designed for their use at home are available. The preachers are also willing to visit people in their homes or to conduct a simple celebration in assisted living or nursing care facilities in the parish so that the elders and infirmed can be part of the mission, too.

Faith Sharing
During the first, second and fourth celebrations of the parish mission, parishioners are invited to share their faith with one another for a few minutes.

At the end of the mission, they are invited to form faith sharing groups to reflect on the sacred scriptures and make them come alive in their own lives. A simple method - based on Lexio Divino - is provided, and anyone can learn to share their faith with others. These groups might meet at the church or in people's homes.

Click here to see or to download the format used for faith sharing.

A small group of parishioners might wish to follow-up the parish mission by becoming ambassadors of reconciliation in the local community. The Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation offers a training workshop for those who may wish to engage in such a ministry. The workshop would take place over a weekend at some future time.

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