Proclaiming Abunant Love Planning Manual
  Planning Manual
The Planning Manual for the Proclaiming Abundant Love mission is meant to assist the members of the local parish mission team in their preparations for the celebration and the follow-up of the mission.
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Liturgy Plans
The Liturgy Plans for Proclaiming Abundant Love are available in English, Spanish or a Bilingual format (English and Spanish). They contains all the instructions, prayers and readings that are part of the four major celebrations that are part of every Proclaiming Abundant Love parish mission. These are the plans for the English only liturgies.
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Proclamando Abundante Amor
These are the plans for all the liturgies of the Proclaming Abundant Love mission in Spanish.
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Bilingual Liturgies (Spanish & English)
The liturgies for the Proclaiming Abundant Love parish mission are now available in a format that allows for celebrating the mission in a bilingual formation - English and Spanish. The liturgies of the word are celebrated separately, but the introductory rites and rituals are celebrated as one community. This permits the mission to be a celebration of the whole parish when the parish is a bilingual community.
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Music Suggestions
There are a number of musical suggestions for each celebration during the mission. Most have been used in parishes throughout the country to help people participate in the celebrations.

There is also some original music composed by members of the Precious Blood communities which may be reproduced without further permission by any parish that has a contract with Precious Blood Parish Missions.

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Children's Liturgy of the Word Plans
These plans detailed outlines of the liturgy of the word celebrated with children during the mission celebrations. One of the preachers, as well as one or more members of the local team, accompany the children for these special celebrations and activities for children.
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Optional Celebrations
There are several optional celebrations that might take place during the days when the major celbrations are scheduled. These include

  • Anointing of the Sick outside Mass

  • Anointing of the Sick during Mass

  • Morning Prayer

  • School Mass

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Bulletin Anouncements & Other Downloads
A number of other documents that can help with the preparation and celebration of the Proclaiming Abundant Love mission can be downloaded from another page. All of these are Word documents that can be customized by the parish before printing and distributing them.

These include:
1. Bulletin Announcements
2. Bulletin Insert
3. Brochure
4. Poster
5. Prayer & Reflections
6. Morning Prayers Programs

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In order to help us improve our ministry, we ask every parish where we celebrate our parish missions to evaluate the mission. There are two different evaluation forms.
1. A general evaluation that may be completed by everyone who participates in the mission after communion at the closing liturgy or some other appropriate time. Additional questions might be added by the parish mission team on the back side of this evaluation.
2. An evaluation to be completed by the members of the parish mission team. This evaluation should be completed soon after the mission.
Either the original evaluations or a compilation of them should be sent to us soon after the mission - after the parish mission team has had a chance to review them for their own future planning.
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